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Full text of "Microcosm"

Simmons College 

300 The Fenway 
Boston, Massachusetts 

Microcosm Staff 


Janet Cutler 
Linda Hatzis Wagner 
Designer and Layout Editor 
Linda Siperstein 
Photography Editor 
Claudia Oppenheim 
Senior Section Editor 
Deborah Lerner 
Faculty Section Editor 
Cecilia Tan 
Business Manager 
Claire Dimlich 
Circulation Manager 
Jeanne O'Leary 

Staff Photographers 

Betty Bailey 

Janet Cutler 

Liz Doyle 

Vanessa Greene 

Harriet Lipman 

Eileen Ogintz 

Mindy Schiffman 

Leslie Shore 

Cecilia Tan 

Joy Wilson 

Additional Photographs by 

George L. Dow 

Bradford Herzog 

Lincoln Studies 


Virginia Bratton 
Publisher's Representative 

Roswell Farnham, Jr. 

S^>lmmon5 L^olleae aJLiL 






^^Mi' ' 

■ FIF1 li^ 


I^^^B " *lt 


x *<I y 


V ^X^ 

HL ^K 

Jfc|^^^^ Y ** 




. A. \ 

!4 § 

1 \ J " 

1 s 





1 s# 


ji U j 




Pii If 


it i~\ 

. _■■■.- 


_■-!_**"? yJV'Jl 



•"WKflw WW „ .<■; '*.^." 

L [«|;l i.'iiilillllil 
1 "'"' i : " 

»'»W«H»"" !!S ' 

-'• ■ 


•■'■ --- ' 










^^b ifttftr- Ml 




W // 

• ^ 

m ' 








William ). Holmes Jr. 


Brenda S. Franklin 
Associate Dean 


Charlotte M. Morocco 

William F. Kahl 


Dana C. Chandler, Jr. 
Assistant Professor of Art 


Valerie A. Jayne 
Special Instructor in Art 

Burton A. Cleaves 
Associate Professor of Music 


Thomas ). Wallace 
Associate Professor of Art 

Richard P. Nickerson 
Assistant Professor of Biology 


Marie L Sacks 

Assistant Professor of Biology 

N. Sandra Brown 

Assistant Professor of Biology 

Linda S. Samuels 
Instructor in Biology 

<* ^ 


Elizabeth A. Weiant 
Associate Professor of Biology 

Marylee S. Everett 

Assistant Professor of Biology 

Anne E. Coghlan 

Professor of Biology and Chairwoman 

of the Department of Biology 


Martha D. Berliner 

Byron L. Bowman 

Assistant Professor of Biology 

Maria P. Burnham 

Special Instructor in Biology 


Jerry A. Bell 

Professor of Chemistry and Chairman of 

the Department of Chemistry 

Peter G. Bowers 

Associate Professor of Chemistry 

Iclal S. Hartman 

Associate Professor of Chemistry 

Luella D. Wadsworth 
Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Francis ). Waller 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 


Phyllis A. Brauner 
Professor of Chemistry 

Mae L. Beck 

Associate Professor of Chemistry 


Leonard J. Soltzberg 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Alden W. Poole 

Associate Professor of Communications 

Donald R. Sherk 

Professor of Economics and Chairman 

of the Department of Economics 

Eric S. Brown 
Instructor in Economics 


Barbara A. Sawtelle 

Assistant Professor of Economics 


Barbara M. Kemp 

Assistant Professor of Education 

John S. Robinson 

Associate Professor of Education and 

Chairman of the Department of Education 

tt- w U i* tt 

* It " u 

Jane W. Swett 

Special Instructor in Education 

m 1 1 

Aida R. Levi 

Assistant Professor of Education 

E. Paul Coldenberg 
Instructor in Education 


Kathleen D. Lyman 

Assistant Professor of Education 

Mary J. Demaso 

Special Instructor in English 

Charles E. L'Homme 
Professor of English 


Pamela S. Bromberg 
Instructor in English 

). Douglas Perry, jr. 
Assistant Professor of English 

William M. Manly 
Assistant Professor of English 


Richard C. Sterne 


George W. Nitchie 

Professor of English and Chairman of 

the Department of English 

Wylie Sypher 
Professor of English 

David S. Perry 

Associate Professor of English 

Nellie McKay 
Instructor in English 

Renny K. Harrigan 
Instructor in German 

Helen Mamikonian 
Associate Professor of Russian 

Louise G. Cohen 

Assistant Professor of Spanish 


Charles R. Mackey 

Associate Professor of French and Chairman of 

the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures 

Antonio F. Cao 
Instructor in Spanish 



Susan M. Keane 

Associate Professor of French 

James L. V. Newman 
Professor of French 

Andrea G. Labinger 
Instructor in Spanish 

Marthe Page 

Assistant Professor of French 







Gerard R. Montbertrand 
Instructor in French 


Carroll F. Miles 

Professor of Government and Chairman of 

the Department of Government 

Roy M. Tollefson 
Professor of Government 


Irene A. Gilbert 

Assistant Professor of Government 

John C. Hunter 
Professor of History and 
Chairman of the 
Department of History 

Mark I. Solomon 

Associate Professor of History 


Henry ). Halko 
Professor of History 

Rev. Calvin S. Morris 

Assistant Professor of History and 

Richard B. Lyman, Jr. 
Assistant Professor of History 

Sally C. Kohlstedt 

Assistant Professor of History 


Eva K. Dugger 

Instructor in Foods and Nutrition 

Cynthia ). Brokvist 

Instructor in Clothing and Textiles 

Eleanor J. Gawne 

Professor of Home Economics Education 

Diana B. Abbott 

Associate Professor of Nutrition and Chairwoman 

of the Department of Home Economics 


Lorraine M. Jacoby 

Special Instructor on Quantity Food Administration 

Katherine M. Bevacqua 

Associate Professor of Family Economics 


Jelia Witschi 

Special Instructor in Nutrition 

Elaine F. Heller 

Instructor in Early Childhood Development 

Charles A. Coverdale 

Assistant Professor of Management 

Margaret M. Hennig 

Associate Professor of Management and 

Director of the Prince Program 

Leo J. Parente 

Professor of Accounting and Finance 






L * il 

t\ 1 





' '"' jUSl 

Mr * 





Woodrow W. Baldwin 

Professor of Management and Chairman of 

the Department of Management 

Barbara F. Ash 

Assistant Professor of Business Administration and 

Director of the Secretarial Studies Program 


Bruce W. Warren 

Assistant Professor of Management 


r~]j ^ 




3* / fl» 


k '"i^ 

Ann E. Lord 

Assistant Professor of Nursing 

Elaine C. Hubbard 

Associate Professor of Nursing and Chairwoman 

of the Department of Nursing 


Alice M. Hosack 

Associate Professor of Nursing 

Richard O. Michaud 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Margaret S. Menzin 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and 

Chairwoman of the Department of Mathematics 



Carol R. Ochs 

Associate Professor of Philosophy and 

Chairwoman of the Department of Philosophy 

Celia C. Wolf 
Instructor in Philosophy 

Ynhui Park 

Associate Professor of Philosophy 

Doris E. Olmstead 

Associate Professor of Physical Education 

and Director of the Physical Education Program 




- 1 £M^^f\^^ 

Robert C. Vernon 
Professor of Physics 

Edward Prenowitz 

Assistant Professor of Physics and 

Chairman of the Department of Physics 


Donald W. Thomas 

Associate Professor of Psychology 

Barbara F. Gentile 

Assistant Professor of Psychology 


Diane T. Coulopoulos 

Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Lillian M. Grayson 

Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Teresa S. Carterette 

Associate Professor of Psychology 

Peter W. Castle 

Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Stephen R. Deane 

Professor of Psychology and Chairman 

of the Department of Psychology 


Athena R. Theodore 

Associate Professor of Sociology 

Marion D. Kilson 

Associate Professor of Sociology 


Elaine C. Hagopian 
Professor of Sociology 

Not Pictured 

Art and Music 

Richard B. Carpenter 
Eric Lustig 

Robert H. Oppenheim 
Patricia B. Thomas 

Schiva L. Gandhi 
Everett L. Tuttle 


Peter G. Bowers 
James U. Piper 

Margaret M. Bailey 
Yvonne R. Broadcorens 

Georgia T. Noble 
Elizabeth M. Rawlins 
Lydia Smith 
Joel S. Weinberg 

Jeannie Duffy 
Richard Freedman 
David G. Gullette 
Norman W. Klein 
Lawrence L Langer 

Madeleine Green 

Susan Hayward 


Bruce H. Bank 
Kingsley Ogedengbe 


David S. Browder 
Ronald W. Cornew 
John D. Garberson 
Robert N. Goldman 
Robert J. Maciel 
Daniel A. Sankowsky 


Linda S. Charnes 
Shirley A. George 
Marjorie Keazirian 
Helen C. McLaughlin 
Phyllis S. Moore 
Lois E. Schoppee 
Ruth J. Solberg 


A. Nicholas Groth 


Austin H. Lawrence 
Stephen W. Beach 
Margaret M. Plymire 


Solita S. Marichal 



J .,:/M 

Sue Potoff Elementary Education 


Linda Schrieberg Government 

)anet Wilner Psychology/ Elementary Education 

Wendy Mazza Elementary Education 

Joan Nason Sociology 

Christine Adamow Home Economics 


Carol Bromberg Elementary Education 

Marianne Morin Physical Therapy 


Debbie Johnson Biology 

*The alphabetical Senior Directory beginning on page 138 lists the 
page number of each senior's picture. 

Marcia Milner Orthoptics 

Ann Brown Elementary Education 


Kathleen Triggs Communications 

Karla McSpadden Elementary Education 

Helene Jackson Sociology 

Laurie Epstein Elementary Education 

Jane Mulvaney Management 

Mary Conley Communications/ Management 

Anne Noznisky Biology 


Pamela Hayling Psychology 

Joyce Celler Government 

Rhonda Freedman Elementary Education 


)ane Gray Communications 

Janet Cutler Communications 

Vivien Singer Psychology 

Linda Maynard Biology/ Secondary Education 

Cathy Demain Elementary Education 

Elena Murphy Child Development 


Margo McDermed Communications 

Nancy Raper Management 


Pam Leven Communications 

Madilyn Shea Chemistry 

Rosanne Griff Psychology 

Mary Leen Art History 

Judith Lurensky Elementary Education 


Lynn Peters Government 

Joan Vaughan English 

Betty Yao Finance 

Susan MacFarlane Sociology 


Audrey Lewis Elementary Education 

Marcia McGill Economics 

Jean Abramson English 

Mollie Hirshberg Management 

Barbara Butt Management 

Judy Cohen Physical Therapy 


Sylvia Haroian English 

Wal lis Lowenthal American Studies 

Faith Heiman Home Economics 

Catherine Raftery Chemistry/Mathematics 


Fran jurga Communications 

■ ■ ! ■■*,■! 

1 i«?! 

*$&>* ( 






-.■ ' 

Trudi Hotch English/Education 

)oy Ginsberg Elementary Education 

Jesiyn Medoff English/Education 

Virginia Phifer Psychology 

Janie Slackman Sociology I Education 


Rita Pyzdrowski Mathematics/ Management 

Sandra MacArthur Psychology 

Paula Robbins Sociology 


Denise Liberati Art History 

Ronna Horwitz Psychology I Elementary Education 

Baiba Liepins Psychology 

Denise Mondano Art History 

Christine Reilly Management/Elementary 


Linda Plotnick French/Education 



Marjorie Saltzman Psychology 

Terry Strait Nursing 


Margaret Balogun Physical Therapy 

Eileen Ogintz American Studies 

)ean Berman English 

Linda Ruprecht Elementary Education 


Carolyn Straka Gifford Nursing 

Cynthia Mattox Nursing 


Donna Kreitman Physical Therapy 

Candyce Callahan Nursing 

Karen Petersen Home Economics 

Nona Carelick English 

Vivian Klek French 


Sharon Steeb Elementary Education 

Janet McDonough Biology 

Marcia Powers Nursing 

Andrea Argeros Elementary Education 

Beth Bower History 


Ruth Spear English 

Janet Keir Nursing 


Constance Cole English/Education 

Lisa Hamel Biology 

Deborah Lerner Communications 

Nancy Hoober Home Economics 

udy Pearl Psychology 

Kathy Spiegel Home Economics 


Patricia Cuerin Psychology 

Eileen Boyko Elementary Education 



Maryann Ouellette Elementary Education Sue Stone English/Education 

Patti Biller Biology 

Judi Auerbach Management 

Jacqueline Beverly Physical Therapy 

Lois Desaulniers Management 


Nina Balsam Government/ Economics 

Pat Powers Elementary Education 

Harriet Lipman Home Economics 

Joy Wilson Sociology 

Sally MacKintosh Elementary Education 


Mary Dowling English 

Deena Harris Psychology 

Betsy Reedy Elementary Education 

Michele Mendes Nursing 

Rosemary Campbell Home Economics 


Marianne Boris Communications 

Debbie Scott English 

Lynn Feinman Art/Education 

Hedy Tammerk Psychology 

|anet Olsen Economics 


Anne Arenstein History 

Barbara Beckelman English/ French 

Sami Lawler Psychology/ Elementary Education 

Karen Teshony English 

Susan Abrahamson Home Economics 




1 — 

-'';';;■ /f; :■'■ ' ;. 


» . ^-i^ 



■ ■■■' "/' 

*'f ' : ' ''1 




■ ■ ■ .. 




- i 











i •■•■ 

Linda Beatrice Mathematics/ Elementary Education 

Donna Rogers Management 


Christine Reynholds Communications 

Lisbeth Shurman Economics 

Rachel Boyar Management 

Cathy Cohen Biology 

Ellen Langner Psychology 

Charlene Greene Chemistry 


Marie-Christine Amara 

Home Economics/ Elementary Education 

w t * , " 


V . 

" w^HV^H 

.• -1 

«# - | 

c*~ : ~ 1 

pi "i , 



1 J 

Lynn Davis Psychology 

Susan Saslow Psychology 

Linda Robinson Psycho/ogy 


Robyn Hill fconom/cs/Govern/Dent 

Betty Koo Orthoptics 

Cristy Guzman Communications 

Ellen Rome Government 

Elizabeth Bailey Economics 

Lynn Pevzner Communications 


Ellen ianos Government 

Judy Apt Nathanson History/ Elementary Education 

Elizabeth Doyle Communications 


Linda Siperstein Communications 

Nancy Andrew Home Economics 

Maureen Holt Psychology I Elementary Education 

Patricia Sullivan Child Development 

Ying Hoo Ng Government/ Economics 

Vicki Anderson Psychology 


Karen Birch Management 

Donna Wegiel Management 

June Sap Nursing 


Sue Chernus Nursing 

Roberta Holder Nursing 

Linda Dewing Nursing 

Lauren Brisky Government/History 

Anne Davis Home Economics 

Amy Roberts Communications 


Linda Albert Chemistry/Psychology 

Claudia Oppenheim English/ Elementary Education 

Arleen Vannett Mathematics/Secondary Education 


Charlene Schwartz Psychology 

Marilyn Zybura Biology 

Marie Cronin Physical Therapy 

Elaine Stanley Biology 

Nancy Dowds Psychology 


Juanita Wade Elementary Education 

Faye Waber Mathematics/Chemistry 

Karen Sloan Government 

<jLl : i?" 

Helen Hurley Communications 

Joyce lohnson Home Economics 


Donna Lau French/ Education 

Jennifer Lewis Home Economics 

Shelley Witman French 

Elizabeth Altsher French /Education 

Ava Birnbaum Mathematics/Economics 




Carla Wyman History 

Stephanie Brundige Nursing 


Susan Murphy O'Leary Biology/ Education Katrina Resevic Philosophy 

|udy Canty Communications 


Lisa Hathaway English 

Karen Stimpson Communications 

Danielle Wright Child Development 

Brenda )eter Psychology 

Gloria Shiggs Sociology/ Education 


Karen Langlais English/Education 

Karen Needham Home Economics 

Paula Hickey Physical Therapy 

Ann B. Morse Home Economics 

Susan Cameron Biology 

Barbara Semedo Communications 


Kathrine Armstrong Nursing 

Marilyn Cappellano Home Economics/ Elementary Education 

Marilyn Bang Humanities/ Secondary Education 


Kathy Gratto Psychology 

Cecilia Tan Communications 

Wal trine Cooke Sociology 

Nancy Magoon French/ Education 

Dorothy llgen Communications 


Pamela Toulopoulos English/Education 

Ann Marie Brown Fudge Management 

Lee Liberman Communications 

Jewell Oates Psychology 


Martha Brown History 

Cynthia Fendrich Philosophy 

Martha Petty Nursing 

Janet Maciewicz Physical Therapy 

Mindy Schiffman Mathematics/ Psychology 

Gloria Psoinos Sociology 


June Jones Physical Therapy 

Martha Larrabee History 


Marcia Lacoff Elementary Education 


Murph Dimlich Elementary Education 

Rosalyn Kaplan Elementary Education 

Ethel Margulies Sociology 

Patricia Hazelwood Nursing 

Janis Otis Sociology 

Valerie Robinson Nursing 

Fern Ross Communications 


Donna Mondano Art History 

Alice Thompson Child Development 


Susan Berke Elementary Education 

Carol ]acobs Sociology 

Barbara Brown History 

Jeanne Rielly Psychology 

Candy Abroms Psychology 

Arlene Kelfer Communications 


Holly Curtis Biology 

June Dermarderosian Biology 

Eileen Drew Management 


Nancy Clark Home Economics 

Stephanie Long Nursing 

Lesley Levine Government 

Audrey Karnes Psychology 

Louise Wenneker Management 

Stacey Tsairis Biology 


Ellen Sola Art/Education 

Harolyn Ruben Management 


Gloria Shushan Management 

Michelle Wellen Physical Therapy 

Cynthia Gardner Psychology 

Deborah Eick English/Education 


Mimi Daggett Child Development 

Pat Maroni Communications 

r '^ 

■hk IB 

r fl 

^% fl wS^Si 1 


Pjgt J ^'uff^ 

K* I 

Br J-^^H 


^y ' ■ ^T * 


J^BflBlr 4 a '^,. 

Kristine Johnson Nursing 

Molly O'Leary Child Development 


K« <. 


, <•■ 





m/ 1 Sii 

t*^ *».%. 

k ^#-^ni 

V W I*': 

w/ # 



Joanne Pease Frazier Ch/Vd Development 

Joan Geddes French 

Pat Mogan History/ Education 

Cheryl Potter Nursing 

tf^Mk mmmmsSBSiffi' 

?*fc%fl ©'■■ -fw^S 


Eileen Kesselman Psychology/ Philosophy 

Barbara Shwom Baron Philosophy/English 


Sheila Rodman Chemistry/ Education 

Amy Shore Sociology I Education 

J tii 

ft! Til 


Betty Williams Mathematics/ Education 

Louise Sawyer Ballou Education 

Sharon Chaiken English 


Deborah Piller French 

Marilyn Riley Biology 


Gertrude Dudley Psychology 

Andrea Bell Psychology 

Elaine Rabinowitz Greenblatt Physical Therapy 


Pat Murphy Philosophy/ English 

Suzzanne Fontaine Psychology 

Ellen Debbink Arneson Biology 


)eanne O'Leary Government/ Economics 

Linda Hatzis Wagner Communications 

Leslie Elovich Education 


Joyce Creenberg Sociology 

Deborah Sakey Nursing 

Not Pictured 

Adler, Ellen L. English 

Baumgarten, Susan M. Home Economics 

Beer, Ruth E. Communications 

Bitman, Marcia Education 

Brennan, Ann P. History 

Bryson, Frances M. Sociology 

Ciaravino, Carol R. Sociology 

Clivio, Barbara ). Sociology 

Coffin, Claudia L. Biology 

Cupp, Marie P. Physical Therapy 

Danis, llene B. Psychology 

Dio Dato, Darlene Morse Management 

Dupee, Katherine M. Home Economics 

Everett, Carol T. Economics 

Fazio, Lynn T. Management 

Flat ley, Marcia Education 

Forzley, Michele D. Sociology 

Galazzi, Marcia Education 

Gaw, Diane L. Communications 

Gehrett, Barbara J. Sociology 

Gerfen, Nancy L. Management 

Glassberg, Elaine Spanish 

Gower, Beth A. Home Economics 

Greenfield, Cheryl M. Psychology 

Gruber, Cheryl I. History 

Handy, Deborah S. Finance 

Heller, Ann Home Economics 

Hoinash, Lynne E. Home Economics 

Holder, Joan L. Education 

Horstein, Lee J. Nursing 

Inacio, Diana L. Elementary Education 

Jantzen, Joan M. Elementary Education/ Psychology 

Jasinski, Mary A. Physical Therapy 

Johnson, Kristine L. Nursing 

Johnson, Sandra A. Education 

Jonas, Eileen S. Education/English 

Jones, Ann L. Physical Therapy 

Kaplan, Rosalyn L. Education 

Kasoff, Libby Rittenberg Economics/Spanish 

Kelly, Diana J. Sociology 

Landon, Susan B. English 

Leichtman, Merle Communications/ Management 

Levey, Roberta Management 

Lui, Lucy W. Nursing 

Lundquist, Cheryl Psychology 

Manghis, Mary C Psychology 

Michelman, Amy Government 

Millen, Teresa Psychology 

Mitchell, Cornelia M. Economics I Psychology 

Orloff, Robyn L. Physical Therapy 

Pasalides, Louise Communications/ Management 

Pennell, Frances S. Education 

Powell, Brenda M. English/Philosophy 

Pyles, Cheryl D. Government 

Ragan, Mary Ann English 

Rappaport, Michele A. Philosophy 

Ravich, Peggy A. Child Development 

Reaney, Gail E. Management/ Economics 

Rich, Celeste B. Chemistry 

Rigelhaupt, Nancy E. Sociology 

Rogovin, Janice French/ Communications 

Royal, Judith A. Physical Therapy 

Schwartz, Julie R. Elementary Education/ Psychology 

Scully, Susan Education 

Sedgwick, Amy L. Sociology/ Education 

Seru, Rita Cecilia Education 

Sherry, Phyllis A. Sociology 

Shindell, Nancy M. Psychology 

Simpson, Ellen Biology 

Slieson, Patricia C. English 

Sobolewski, Carolyn T. English 

Sprengelmeyer, Emily Elementary Education/ Psychology 

Stang, Deborah J. Nursing 

Sylvester, Lynn Economy 

Weaver, Margaret M. Sociology 

White, Maureen C. Education 

Williams, Gerri Communications 

Wilson, Anne L. English 

Wood, Leslie J. Education 

Zimmerman, Barbara S. Education 


1970 Strike 


1972 Election 

1971 Father-Daughter 


Spring Barbecue 


1970 Inauguration 


President William J. Holmes, Jr. 



Science Center Dedication 

Honors Convocation 1972 







m. m. i » "» 
to* «iMi «u »n« s 






Abrahamson, Susan, 87 Reservoir Road, Kensington, Con- 
necticut 06037; Assistant Community Advisor-Morse Hall; 

Abramson, Jean E., 9 May Lane, Bloomfield, Connecticut; 


Abroms, Calma, 3132 Guilford Road, Birmingham, Alabama 
35223; Psychology Club, Co-Chairman-U)A Drive; 115 

Adamow, Christine Louise, Township Line Road, R.D.#1 
Norristown, Pennsylvania 19401; 67 

Adler, Ellen L., 395 Broadway, #103, Cambridge, Massachu- 

Albert, Linda Susan, 292 Foster Street, Brighton, Massachu- 
setts 02135; Psychology Liaison Committee, Psychology 
Club, Student Affiliate-American Chemical Society; 100 

Altsher, Elizabeth A., 23 Norman Street, Milton, Massachu- 
setts 02186; 103 

Amara, Marie-Christine Rose, 51 Bowen Avenue, Medford, 
Massachusetts 02155; Commuter Organization; 93 

Anderson, Victoria Margretta, 1535 Chateaufort Place, Det- 
roit, Michigan 48207; Secretary-Black Student Organization; 

Andrew, Nancy, 131 Ipswich Road, Topsfield, Massachu- 
setts 01983; 97 

Apt, Judy Lynne, 40 Woodland Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylva- 
nia 15232; % 

Arenstein, Anne, 239 Compton Ridge Drive, Wyoming, 
Ohio 45215; Potpourri, Music Chairman-SCOPE; 90 

Argeros, Andrea Jeanne, 74 Fellsmere Street, Lynn, Mas- 
sachusetts 01904; 83 

Armstrong, Kathrine Frances, North Road, Kensington, New 
Hampshire 03833; Father-Daughter Weekend, Fire Captain, 
Dorm Council-Simmons Hall, Student Advisor; 108 

Arneson, Ellen Debbink, 38 Harrison Street, Brookline, 
Massachusetts 02146; Academy; 125 

Auerbach, Judith Ellen, 74 Tobey Lane, North Dartmouth, 
Massachusetts 02747; Business Manager-Janus, London Se- 
mester; 86 

Bailey, Christine L., 109 Pine Street, Manchester, Massachu- 
setts 01944; 118 

Bailey, Elizabeth Lillian, 854 North Shore Road, Revere, 
Massachusetts 02151; 95 

Baker, Sally Jane, 92 Talmadge Road, Cheshire, Connecticut 
06410; Nursing Liason Committee, Academy;'105 

Ballou, Louise Sawyer, 650 Huntington Avenue, Boston, 
Massachusetts; Modern Dance Club, English Liaison Com- 
mittee, Student Advisor; 122 

Balogun, Margaret I., 28B Bovell Jones Street, Akure, Ni- 
geria; 80 


Balsam, Nina Penny, 3750 N.E. 170 Street, North Miami 
Beach, Florida; Student Coordinating Council, Chair- 
woman-Honor Board Chairwoman-Community Advisors 
Committee, President's Advisory Council, Women's 
Caucus; 87 

Bang, Marilyn lola, 168 Jefferson Avenue, Everett, Mas- 
sachusetts 02149; Tutor-Simmons Studies Service; 108 

Baron, Barbara Shwom, 25A Westbourne Terrace, Brook- 
line, Massachusetts 02146; 121 

Baumgarten, Susan M., 47 Winship Street, Brighton, Mas- 
sachusetts 02135 

Beatrice, Linda Marie, 11 Robertson Road, Framingham, 
Massachusetts; Commuter Organization, Math Liaison 
Committee; 92 

Beckelman, Barbara A., 2113 Stackhouse Drive, Yardley, 
Pennsylvania 19067; 91 

Beer, Ruth Elisheva, 15 Gannett Terrace, Sharon, Massachu- 
setts 02067; ]anus, Treasurer-Modern Dance Club, Hi I lei, 
Secretary-Simmons Hall, Microcosm 

Bekoff, Marjorie C, 3 Hemlock Drive, Brookville, New 
York 11545; 123 

Bell, Andrea Jeanne, Baker Avenue, Wellfleet, Massachu- 
setts; 124 

Berke, Susan K., 1 Berkowitz Drive, Granville, New York 
12832; 114 

Berman, Jean A., 18 Gibbs Street, Brookline, Massachusetts 
02146; 81 

Beverly, Jacqueline, 85 Lenox Street, Boston, Massachusetts 
02118; 87 

Biller, Patti, 55 Allene Drive, Hamden, Connecticut 06517; 

Birch, Karen Eileen, 19 Clive Street, Worcester, Massachu- 
setts 01603; Father-Daughter Weekend 1971, Social 
Chairwoman-North Hall, Community Advisor, Photography 
Staff-Microcosm; 98 

Birnbaum, Ava Elaine, 51 Carlyle Road, West Hartford, Con- 
necticut 06117; Vice President-Hillel, Student Assistant-Eco- 
nomics Department, Tennis Team, Academy; 103 

Bitman, Marcia, 31 Winslow Road, Brookline, Massachu- 

Boris, Marianne, 692 Greendale Avenue, Needham, Mas- 
sachusetts 02192; Reporter-Janus, Feature Editor-Janus; 89 

Bower, Beth Anne, Hemlock Lane, Wyncote, Pennsylvania 
19095; Freshman Honor Board Representative, Chair- 
woman-History Liaison Committee 1971, Co-Chairwoman- 
History Liaison Committee 1972; 83 

Boyar, Rachel, 35 Crosby Road, Chestnut Hill, Massachu- 
setts 02167; 93 

Boyko, Eileen Mary, 15 Mt. Pleasant Street, Shelton, Con- 
necticut; Simmons News; 86 

Brennan, Ann P., 20 Ann Street, West Haven, Connecticut 

Brisky, Lauren Jill, 2800 Terrace Drive, Chevy Chase, Mary- 
land 20015; Hillel, Women's Caucus, Coordinator-Inter- 
national Relations Association, Delegate-New York Nation- 
al Model United Nations, Delegation Chairwoman-Harvard 
Model United Nations; 99 

Bromberg, Carol A., Treble Cove Road, North Billerica, 
Massachusetts; Commuter Organization, Tutor-Simmons 
Study Service, Hostess-Alumnae Days, Bell Captain-Evans 
Hall, Campus Bell Coordinator; 67 

Brown, Ann E., 3840 Washington Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 
45229; 68 

Brown, Barbara Anne-Marie, 12 Norway Road, North 
Haven, Connecticut 06473; Business Staff-Janus; 114 

Brown, Martha, New Braintree Road, North Brookfield, 
Massachusetts 01535; 110 

Brundige, Stephanie, 17 Highland Court, Cohasset, Mas- 
sachusetts 02025; 104 

Bryson, Frances M., 16 Braeburn Road, Portland, Maine 

Butt, Barbara E., 3 Barns Court, East Brunswick, New Jersey 
08816; 75 

Callahan, Candyce L., 615 West Hintz Road, Arlington 
Heights, Illinois 60004; 82 

Cameron, Susan L., 315 Pond Street, Braintree, Massachu- 
setts 02185; 107 

Campbell, Rosemary L, 11 Tetlow Street, Boston, Mas- 
sachusetts 02115; 89 

Canty, Judith Ann, 68 Elm Street, Duxbury, Massachusetts 
02332; Photography Editor-Microcosm 1972, Photography 
Club, College Board Member-Mademoiselle Magazine; 105 

Cappellano, Marilyn M., 31 Hallen Avenue, Milton, Mas- 
sachusetts 02186; 108 

Carceo, Cathleen Weber, 10 Park Avenue, Cambridge, Mas- 
sachusetts 02138 

Chaiken, Sharon B., 2 Clara Road, Fayetteville, New York 
13066; 122 

Chernus, Sue Ellen, 340 Foxwood Road, Union, New Jersey 
07083; Nursing Independent Study Committee, Chair- 
woman-Friday Night Activities, Father-Daughter Weekend; 
Ciaravino, Carol R., Box 104, Owlshead, Maine 04854 

Clark, Nancy, Warrens Point, Little Compton, Rhode Island 
02837; 116 

Clivio, Barbara J., 49 Fenwick Street, Somerville, Massachu- 
setts 02145 

Coffin, Claudia L., 12113 Townline Road, Grand Blanc, 
Michigan 48439 

Cohen, Cathy Sue, 425 North Neville Street, Pittsburgh, 
Pennsylvania 15213; Hillel, International Relations Associ- 
ation, Harvard Model United Nations, Fire Captain, Dorm 
Board Representative; 93 


Cohen, Judith Lynne, 737 Larch Avenue, Teaneck, New jer- 
sey 07666; Glee Club, Physical Therapy Club; 75 

Cole, Constance Marjorie, 37 Maureen Road, Centerville, 
Massachusetts 02632; Student Advisor-North Hall, Glee 
Club, Freshman and Transfer Welcomes, Head Resident Se- 
lection Committee; 84 

Conley, Mary Katherine, 59 Mercier Avenue, Dorchester, 
Massachusetts 02124; Commuter Organization, Tutor-Sim- 
mons Study Service, Student Affiliate-American Chemical 
Society; 69 

Cooke, Waltrine, 1 Edward Street, Ossining, New York 
10562; Sister of Admission-Black Student Union, Transfer 
Advisor-Orientation; 109 

Cronin, Marie F., 28 Newton Street, West Boylston, Mas- 
sachusetts 01583; 101 

Cupp, Marie P., 141 Woburn Street, Lexington, Massachu- 
setts 02173 

Curtis, Holly Beth, 88 Chestnut Street, Cooperstown, New 
York 13326; Simmons Christian Fellowship; 115 

Cutler, Janet Katharine, 3577 Manchester Road, Wantagh, 
New York 11793; Potpourri, Reporter-|anus, Copy Editor- 
)anus, Co-Editor-Microcosm, Academy; 70 

Daggett, Mimi Laurent, 211 Shore Drive, Laconia, New 
Hampshire 03246; Student Mobilization Committee; 119 

Danis, llene B., 43 High Road, Newbury, Massachusetts 

Davis, Anne Linda, 15 Center Street, Bellows Falls, Vermont 
05101; May Breakfast; 99 

Davis, Lynn Christine, 3 Sachems Trail, West Simsbury, 
Connecticut 06092; Freshman Orientation, Academy, Fa- 
ther-Daughter Weekend; 94 

Demain, Cathy, 2848 Kennedy Road, Wilmington, Dela- 
ware 19810; Managing Editor-Janus, Dorm Vice-President; 


Dermarderosian, June A., 315 Hunnewell Street, Needham, 
Massachusetts 02194; 116 

Desaulniers, Lois Vairo, 19 Lincoln Street, Stoneham, Mas- 
sachusetts 02180; Janus, Dorm Social Committee; 87 

Dewing, Linda Rodman, 104 Brooks Street, Brighton, Mas- 
sachusetts; 99 

Dimlich, Claire M., 271 Salem Street, Andover, Massachu- 
setts 01810; Student Assistant Manager-Bartol Hall, Business 
Manager-Microcosm; 112 

Dio Dato, Darlene, 1037 River Street, Hyde Park, Mas- 
sachusetts 02136 

Dowds, Nancy, 24 Briarwood Trail, Weymouth, Massachu- 
setts 02188; 101 

Dowling, Mary Regina, 32 High Ridge, Ridgefield, Con- 
necticut 06877; Glee Club, English Liaison Committee, 
Chairwoman-Father-Daughter Weekend; 88 

Doyle, Elizabeth Ellen, 42 Bertram Street, Beverly, Mas- 
sachusetts; Glee Club, Photography Editor-Janus, Photog- 
rapher-Microcosm, Photographer-Senior Communications 
Department Booklet, Photographer-Simmons Review, Pho- 
tographer-Alumnae Workshop 1971, Publicity-Drama Club, 
SCOPE Show 1972, Publicity-Potpourri; 96 

Drew, Eileen Teresa, 7 Shaumut Park, Newton Upper Falls, 
Massachusetts 02164; Commuter Organization, Tutor-Sup- 
portive Studies Program; 116 

Dudley, Gertrude R., 10 Estate Thomas, St. Thomas, Virgin 
Islands; 123 

Dupee, Katherine M., Fay Road, Woods Hole, Massachu- 

Eick, Deborah E., Rt. 147, Durham, Connecticut; 119 

Elovich, Leslie D., 31 Woodland Street, Hartford, Con- 
necticut 06105 

Epstein, Laurie, 4950 Chicago Beach Drive, Chicago, Illinois 
60615; President-Psychology Club, Chairwoman-Psychology 
Liaison Committee, Simmons Drama Society; 69 

Everett, Carol T., 3643 North Piedmont Street, Arlington, 
Virginia 22207 

Fazio, Lynn T., 1016 Fairfield Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylva- 
nia 15201 

Feinman, Lynn B., 4219 Hilton Place, Lynchburg, Virginia 
24503; 90 

Fendrich, O. Cynthia, 99 Lake Drive West, Wayne, New 
Jersey 07470; 110 

Flatley, Marcia, 69 Kenwood Street, Brookline, Massachu- 

Fontaine, Suzzanne P., 17 Grosvenor Road, Needham, Mas- 
sachusetts 02192; 125 

Forzley, Michele, 27 Upcrest Road, Brighton, Massachusetts 

Frazier, Joanne Pease, 1005 Winthrop Avenue, Revere, Mas- 
sachusetts; Commuter Organization, Glee Club, Big Sister, 
Freshman Advisor; 120 

Freedman, Rhonda Ellen, 85 Shaw Road, Belmont, Mas- 
sachusetts 02178; H i I lei. Recreation Representative-Dix 
Hall; 70 

Fudge, Ann B., 34 Braddock Park, Boston, Massachusetts; 

Galazzi, Marcia, 3 Porter Road, Chelmsford, Massachusetts 

Gardner, Cynthia Read, 100 Verna Hill Road, Fairfield, Con- 
necticut 06430; 119 

Garelick, Nona, 1445 Luddington Road, East Meadow, New 
York 11554; Glee Club, Chairwoman-English Liaison Com- 
mittee, Community Advisor-Simmons Hall, Academy; 82 

Gaw, Diane L., Worcester Road, Sterling, Massachusetts 


Gehrett, Barbara J., 247 Gregory Road, Franklin Lakes, New 
Jersey 07417 

Geller, Joyce E., 226 Carver Street, Springfield, Massachu- 
setts 01108; 70 

Gerfen, Nancy L, 265 Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts 

Gifford, Carolyn Straka, 2 Central Street, Acton, Massachu- 
setts; 81 

Ginsberg, Joy, 33 Underhill Street, Winthrop, Massachusetts 
02152; 77 

Glassberg, Elaine, 129 Cottage Street, Chelsea, Massachu- 
setts 02150; Chairwoman-Spanish Liaison Committee, Vice 
President-Hebrew College Class of 1972 

Gower, Beth A., 13 Argyle Street, Andover, Massachusetts 

Gratto, Kathleen A., 255 Park Avenue, Arlington, Massachu- 
setts 02174; 108 

Gray, Jane, 296 Green Valley Drive, Big Flats, New York 
14814; 70 

Greenberg, Joyce Irene, M-1 Antrim Drive, Mechanicsburg, 
Pennsylvania; Simmons Coordinator for Israel Emergency 
Fund, Representative-Sociology Liaison Committee 

Greenblatt, Elaine Rabinovitz, 167 Elliot Avenue, North 
Quincy, Massachusetts 02171; 124 

Greene, Charlene A., 16 Callender Street, Cambridge, Mas- 
sachusetts 02139; 93 

Greenfield, Cheryl M., 22 West Avenue, Brockton, Mas- 

Griff, Rosanne Isel, 54 Prouty Lane, Worcester, Massachu- 
setts; 73 

Gruber, Cheryl I., 201 Fairmount Street, Dorchester, Mas- 
sachusetts 02124 

Guerin, Patricia Ann, 41 Houtman Avenue, Cumberland, 
Rhode Island 02864; Sailing Club, Psychology Club, Acad- 
emy, Psychology Liaison Committee, Tutor-Supportive In- 
structional Services, National Science Foundation Under- 
graduate Research Fellowship, New England Psychological 
Association Student Fellowship; 85 

Guzman, Cristeta, P.O. Box 235, Manila, Philippines; 95 

Hamel, Lisa, 84 Walnut Avenue, Revere, Massachusetts; 84 

Handy, Deborah Sue, 235 Comm. Avenue, Springfield, Ver- 
mont 05156; Management Liaison Committee 

Haroian, Sylvia J., Lincoln Road, R.F.D. #1, Lincoln, Mas- 
sachusetts; Film Chairwoman-SCOPE; 75 

Harris, Deena R., 12 Linbrook Road, West Hartford, Con- 
necticut 06107; 89 

Hathaway, Lisa, 6 Goldthwait Road, Marblehead, Mas- 
sachusetts 01945; 105 

Hayling, Pamela L, 328 Tillou Road, South Orange, New 
Jersey 07079; 70 

Hazelwood, Patricia H., 37 Jefferson Park, Cambridge, Mas- 
sachusetts; Curriculum Committee; 113 

Heiman, Faith, 8120-2 Canby, Reseda, California; 76 

Heller, Ann, 28 Shefheld Street, Portland, Maine 

Hickey, Paula E., 2 Maple Terrace, Waterford, Connecticut 
06385; Physical Therapy Club, Community Advisor-Mesick 
Hall, Honor Board, Parietal Committee; 107 

Hill, Robyn Marcella, Box 256, North Conway, New Hamp- 
shire 03860; Dorm Council, Treasurer, Student Advisor- 
Smith Hall, Business Manager-Janus, Washington Semester 
Program; 94 

Hirshberg, Mollie C, 156 Monroe Road, Quincy, Massachu- 
setts 02169; 75 

Hoinash, Lynne E., 11 Raymond Street, Englewood Cliffs, 
New Jersey 07632 

Holder, Joan L., 36 Fieldstone Drive, Livingston, New Jersey 

Holder, Roberta Annette, 666 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, 
New York 11216; Simmons Christian Fellowship, Glee Club, 
House Counselor, Student Advisor-Dix Hall, Resident Head 
Selection Committee; 98 

Holt, Maureen H., 174 Jackson Street, Lawrence, Massachu- 
setts; 97 

Hoober, Nancy Ann, 350 State Street, New Holland, Penn- 
sylvania 17557; Treasurer-North Hall, Father-Daughter 
Weekend Skit Committee; 85 

Hornstein, Lee J., 85 Francis Street, Brookline, Massachu- 
setts 02146 

Horwitz, Ronna E., 222 Reservoir Road, Newington, Con- 
necticut 06111; 78 

Hotch, Trudi Marcia, 12 Tilton Road, Utica, New York 
13501; Sophomore Welcome Committee, Education Liaison 
Committee; 77 

Hurley, Helen, 43 Park Avenue West, South Weymouth, 
Massachusetts 02190; Community Advisor-Turner House, 
Simmons Drama Society, SCOPE: 102 

llgen, Dorothy L., 37 South Street, Rockville, Connecticut 
06066; Publicity Committee-1970 Strike, English Liaison 
Committee, Janus, SCOPE, Teaching Assistant-Commu- 
nications Department, London Semester; 109 

Inacio, Diana L., 53 Park Avenue, Winthrop, Massachusetts 

Jackson, Helene, 15 Thompson Road, Marblehead, Mas- 
sachusetts 01945; 69 

Jacobs, Carol Fink, 140 Kenrich Street, Brighton, Massachu- 
setts 02135; 114 

Janos, Ellen L., 100 York Street, New Haven, Connecticut; 
International Relations Club, National Model UN, Harvard 
Model UN, Freshman Dorm Representative-Dix Hall; 96 


Jantzen, Joan M., 55 Dunster Road, Needham, Massachu- 

Jasinski, Mary A., 2 Elm Street, Newport, New Hampshire 

Jeter, Brenda, 315 Arlington Avenue, Jersey City, New Jer- 
sey; 106 

Johnson, Deborah, A., 4 Argilla Road, Ipswich, Massachu- 
setts 01938; 67 

Johnson, Joyce E., 7 Falmouth Street, Short Hills, New Jer- 
sey 07078; 102 

Johnson, Kristine L, 61 Puritan Road, Bristol, Connecticut 
06010; 120 

Johnson, Sandra A., 5 Pedman Street, Fitchburg, Massachu- 
setts 01420 

Jonas, Eileen S., 81 Amherst Street, Worcester, Massachu- 
setts 01602 

Jones, June, 346 Ocean Avenue, Marblehead, Massachu- 
setts 01945; 111 

Jurga, Frances M., Townsend Road, North Shirley, Mas- 
sachusetts 01464; 76 

Karnes, Audrey Jane, 807 Barberry Road, Yorktown Heights, 
New York; 117 

Kaplan, Rosalyn Lee, 45 Blodgett Avenue, Swampscott, 

Kasoff, Libby Rittenberg, 1 Notlee Place, Charleston, South 
Carolina 29407 

Keir, Janet Louise, 31 Apple Hill Road, Melrose, Massachu- 
setts; Nursing Curriculum Committee; 84 

Kelfer, Arlene Donna, 39 Baker Street, Lynn, Massachusetts 
01902; Dane Club; 115 

Kelly, Diana Jane, 82 Rosemont Street, Hartford, Con- 
necticut; Student Advisor 


Kesselman, Eileen Esta, 36 Park Street, Brookline, Mas- 
sachusetts 02146; CWRU, Simmons Hillel Council, Hebrew 
College Student Council, Tutor; 121 

Klek, Vivian Catherine, 19 Terrace Avenue, West Haven, 
Connecticut 06516; Reporter-Janus, Semester in Paris with 
the Institute of European Studies, Big Sister; 82 

Koo, Betty Pei-Chang, 47 Gates Avenue, East Brunswick, 
New Jersey 08816; President-Chinese Student Club 1971-71, 
Vice-President/Secretary-Chinese Student Club 1970-71; 94 

Kreitman, Donna Lee, 70 Standish Street, North 
Weymouth, Massachusetts 02191; Glee Club, President- 
Physical Therapy Club; 81 

Lacoff, Marcia, 465 Scarsdale Road, Crestwood, New York 
10707; Student Manager-Bartol Hall, Vice-President-Hillel; 

Landon, Susan B., 130-37 224th Street, Laurelton, New York 

Langlais, Karen Oleson, 19B Garden Road, Peabody, Mas- 
sachusetts 01960; Commuter Organization; 106 

Langner, Ellen J., 125 Oregon Road, Meriden, Connecticut 
06450; 93 

Larrabee, Martha Elizabeth, 31 Buttonwood Lane, Lewiston, 
Maine; Freshman Orientation Committee, Curriculum 
Committee; 112 

Lau, Donna Lee, 35 Dwight Street, Boston, Massachusetts 
02118; Tutor-Simmons Studies Service; 102 

Lawler, June E. (Sami), 2018 Commonwealth Avenue, Bos- 
ton, Massachusetts 02135; 91 

Leen, Mary C, 751 Main Street, Woburn, Massachusetts; 73 

Leichtman, Merle, 415 Believe Road, New Haven, Con- 
necticut 06511 

Lerner, Deborah, 2 Newton Avenue, Lynbrook, New York 
11563; Student Advisor-North Hall, Arts Editor and Feature 
Staff-Janus, Senior Section Editor and Photography Staff- 
Microcosm, Father-Daughter Weekend Skit, Bookbuilders 
Award Scholarship, Simmons Drama Society; 85 

Leven, Pamela Susan, 33 Vanderberg Place, Cedar Grove, 
New Jersey 07009; Editor-in-Chief and News Editor-Janus, 
Fire Captain-Smith Hall, Alumnae Activities; 73 

Levey, Roberta, 57 Grand Street, Danbury, Connecticut 

Levine, Lesley Faith, 7 Glen Avenue, Roslyn, New York 
11576; Community Advisor-South Hall, Glee Club; 117 

Lewis, Audrey A., 171 Windsor Street, Cambridge, Mas- 
sachusetts 02139; 74 

Lewis, Jennifer J., 15 Salisbury Road, Brookline, Massachu- 
setts 02146; 103 

Leberati, Denise Marie, 317 Oaklawn Avenue, Cranston, 
Rhode Island 02920; Art Liaison, Art Staff-Janus, Student 
Advisor, Publicity-SCOPE; 78 

Liberman, Lee Susman, 2 Sedgwick Road, Cambridge, Mas- 
sachusetts 02138; 110 

Liepins, Baiba, 14 Orchard Street, Jamaica Plain, Boston, 
Massachusetts 02130; Teaching Assistant-Psychology De- 
partment; 79 

Lipman, Harriet Susan, 121 Burns Street, New Bedford, 
Massachusetts 02740; 88 

Long, Stephanie A., 1568 High Street, Westwood, Mas- 
sachusetts 02090; 116 

Lowenthal, Wallis Ann, 110 Nichols Street, Fall River, Mas- 
sachusetts; Government Liaison-Chairwoman; 76 

Lui, Lucy W., 23 Heffran Street, Allston, Massachusetts 

Lundquist, Cheryl, 559 Summit Drive, Orange, Connecticut 

Lurensky, Judith C, 32 Deer Cove, Lynn, Massachusetts; 73 

MacArthur, Sandra L., 6 Sargent Street, Cambridge, Mas- 
sachusetts 02140; 78 

MacFarlane, Susan Methuen, 23 Nantucket Road, Wellesley 
Hills, Massachusetts 02181; Institute for Mediterranean 
Studies; 74 

Maciewicz, Janet A., 9 Coolidge Avenue, Beverly, Mas- 
sachusetts 01915; Father-Daughter Weekend; Physical Ther- 
apy Club, Dorm Secretary-Mesick Hall, Academy; 111 

MacKintosh, Sally Ann, 385 West 49 Street, Hialeah, Florida 
33012; Recreation Representative-Evans Hall, Social 
Chairwoman-Evans Hall; 88 

Magoon, Nancy A., 4801 NE 4th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, 
Florida 33308; 109 

Manghis, Mary C, Glendale Circle, Plaistow, New Hamp- 
shire 03865 

Margulies, Ethel L, 168 North Main Street, Sharon, Mas- 
sachusetts 02067; 113 

Maroni, Patricia Mary, 61 Gardner Avenue, North Provi- 
dence, Rhode Island 02911; Janus, Academy, Semester in 
Florence; 119 

Mattox, Cynthia D., 67 Whiting Street, Roxbury, Massachu- 
setts 02119; 81 

Maynard, Linda A., 19 Lochmere Avenue, North 
Weymouth, Massachusetts 02191; 71 

Mazza, Francesca A., Chapman Road, New Hartford, New 
York 13413 

Mazza, Wendy D., Chapman Road, New Hartford, New 
York 13413; 66 

McDermed, Marguerite, 89 North Park Road, Lagrange, Il- 
linois 60525; Reporter and Technical Editor-Janus, Coor- 
dinator-Student Coordinating Council; 72 

McDonough, Janet, 11 Pleasantview Street, Roslindale, 
Massachusetts 02131; Commuter Organization, American 
Chemical Society; 83 

McCill, Marcia Barbara, 29 Croydon Court, Wallingford, 
Connecticut 06492; Academy; 74 

McNamara, Susan Louise, 41 Summit Avenue, Wollaston, 
Massachusetts 02170; Commuter Organization, Dorm Social 
Chairwoman, Organizer and Tutor-Simmons Study Service; 

McSpadden, Karla, 6056 North 21st Street, Philadelphia, 
Pennsylvania 19138; 68 

Medoff, Jeslyn Sharon, 70 Cottage Street, Chelsea, Mas- 
sachusetts; Simmons Drama Society; 77 

Mendas, Michele Evans, 5 Normandy Street, Dorchester, 
Massachusetts 02121; 89 

Michelman, Amy, 172 Englewood Road, Longmeadow, 
Massachusetts 01106 

Millen, Teresa, 820 Aumond Place East, Augusta, Georgia 

Milner, Marcia A., 87 Edgemont Road, Scarsdale, New York 
10783; 68 

Mitchell, Cornelia M., 103 Tottenham Road, Lynbrook, New 
York 11563 

Mogan, Patricia L., 39 Dartmouth Street, Waltham, Mas- 
sachusetts 02154; 121 

Mondano, Denise Ellen, 477 Washington Avenue, Chelsea, 
Massachusetts; 78 

Mondano, Donna Louise, 477 Washington Avenue, 
Chelsea, Massachusetts; 114 

Morin, Marianne, 11 Crestline Circle, Danvers, Massachu- 
setts; Physical Therapy Club, Business Staff-Simmons News; 

Morse, Ann B., 165 East 66th Street, New York, New York; 
Photography Staff-Microcosm; 107 

Mulvany, Jane E., 75 Maple Street, Acton, Massachusetts 
01720; 69 

Murphy, Elena Marie, 11 Randall Road, Maynard, Mas- 
sachusetts 01754; Women's Caucus; 71 

Murphy, Patricia M., 170 Manning Street, Hudson, Mas- 
sachusetts 01749; 124 

Nason, Joan C, 101 Shade, Lexington, Massachusetts; 66 

Needham, Karen Ann, 69 Washington Street, Hanover, 
Massachusetts; 106 

Ng, Ying H., 43 Dwight Street, Brookline, Massachusetts 97 

Nozinsky, Anne, 304 West 38th Street, Wilmington, Dela- 
ware 19802; Skit Committee-Father-Daughter Weekend, 
Hillel; 69 

Oates, Jewell K., 501 East 32nd Street, Chicago, Illinois 
60616; 110 

Ogintz, Eileen J., 795 Adams Street, Baldwin, New York 
11510; 80 

O'Leary, Jeanne Marie, 18 Mayflower Road, Framingham, 
Massachusetts 01701; Janus, Chairwoman-Father-Daughter 
Weekend, Dorm Social Chairwoman, Community Advisor- 
North Hall, Student Advisor, Circulation Manager-Micro- 
cosm, May Breakfast, Freshman Orientation 1970; 125 

O'Leary, Mary Catherine, 30 Uxbridge Street, Worcester, 
Massachusetts; Social Co-Chairwoman-North Hall, Publicity 
Chairwoman-Father-Daughter Weekend; 120 

O'Leary, Susan Murphy, 110 Namquid Drive, Warwick, 
Rhode Island; 104 

Olsen, Janet Ann, 9721 South Claremont Avenue, Chicago, 
Illinois 60643; 90 

Oppenheim, Claudia Lynn, 11 Henry Drive, Barrington, 
Rhode Island 02806; Photography Editor-Microcosm, Sailing 
Club, Education Liaison Committee, Vice President-Smith 
Hall; 100 

Orloff, Robyn L., 83 Silver Street, Greenfield, Massachusetts 

Otis, Janis Demetra, 701 Gay Street, Westwood, Massachu- 
setts; 113 


Ouellette, Maryann, 40 Hughey Road, Scituate, Massachu- 
setts 02066; 86 

Powell, Brenda M., 115A Warren Avenue, Boston, Mas- 
sachusetts 02116 

Resnic, Anne, 203 Lynn Shore Drive, Lynn, Massachusetts; 
Simmons High School Studies Program; 105 

Pasalides, Louise, 97 Oakland Street, Brighton, Massachu- 
setts 02135 

Powers, Marcia Louise, 47 Eutaw Avenue, Lynn, Massachu- 
setts; 83 

Reynholds, Christine A., 20 Captain Browns Lane, Acton, 
Massachusetts 0172Q; 92 

Pearl, Judith S., 37 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, Mas- 
sachusetts 02167; Modern Dance Club, Bartol Hall, Repre- 
sentative, Treasurer, and President-Recreation Association- 
Smith Hall, )anus, Psychology Liaison Committee, Psy- 
chology Teaching Assistant; 85 

Pennell, Frances S., 50 Vaille Avenue, Lexington, Massachu- 
setts 02173 

Peters, Darylynn P., 160 Prospect Street, East Orange, New 
Jersey 07017; 72 

Petersen, Karen A., 4 Winter Street, Wrentham, Massachu- 
setts 02093; 82 

Petty, Martha J., 2886 Chadbourne Road, Shaker Heights, 
Ohio 44120; 110 

Pevzner, Lynne M., 40 South Street, Great Barrington, Mas- 
sachusetts 01230; Janus, Potpourri, Teaching Assistant-Com- 
munications Department, Drew University Art Semester, 
Editor-Communications Department Senior Employment 
Booklet; 95 

Phifer, Virginia, 620 Pelham Road, New Rochelle, New 
York 10805; 77 

Piller, Deborah Jean, 72 Hibiscus Avenue, Weymouth, Mas- 
sachusetts 02188; 122 

Plotnick, Linda Jean, 4 Dwight Street, Brookline, Massachu- 
setts 02146; Tutor-Simmons Studies Program; 79 

Potoff, Susan Meg, 8 Victoria Lane, Westport, Connecticut 
06880; Social Chairwoman-Mesick Hall, Semester in Spain; 

Potter, Cheryl Elizabeth, 34 Park Avenue Extension, Arling- 
ton, Massachusetts 02174; Personnel Manager-Glee Club, 
Nursing Liaison Committee; 121 

Powers, Patricia Denise, 12 South Alton Street, Manchester, 
Connecticut 06040; 87 

Psoinos, Gloria Irene, 1320 Mammoth Road, Dracut, Mas- 
sachusetts 02826; Glee Club; 111 

Pyles, Cheryl D., 15 Queensbury Drive, Springfield, Mas- 

Pyzdrowski, Rita A., 4747 Wallingford Street, Pittsburgh, 
Pennsylvania 15213; 78 

Raftery, Catherine Anna, 136 Metcalf Road, North Attle- 
boro, Massachusetts; Sailing Club, Newman Club, Co- 
Chairwoman-Student Affiliates of the American Chemical 
Society; Social Chairwoman-South Hall, Chairwoman- 
Chemistry Liaison Committee; 76 

Ragan, Mary Ann, 72 Pondfield Road West, Bronxville, New 
York 10708 

Raper, Nancy V., 275 Rumstick Road, Barrington, Rhode Is- 
land 02806; 72 

Rappaport, Michele A., 787 Wildwood Road, West Hemp- 
stead, New York 11552 

Ravich, Peggy A., 7 Seward Drive, Woodbury, New York 

Reaney, Gail E., 861 Kimball Road, Highland Park, Illinois 

Reedy, Betsy R., 23 Elgin Avenue, Bethel, Connecticut; 89 

Reilly, Christine T., 380 Mt. Prospect Avenue, Newark, New 
Jersey 07104; 79 

Resevic, Katrina Marie, PO Box 1037, Christiansted, St. 
Croix, USVI 00820; Chairwoman-Philosophy Liaison Com- 
mittee, April's Fool; 104 

Rich, Celeste B., 118 Faxon Street, Newton, Massachusetts 

Rielly, Jeanne, 5 Sherwood Road, Stoneham, Massachusetts; 

Rigelhaupt, Nancy E., 87 Cambria Court, Pawtucket, Rhode 
Island; 123 

Riley, Marilyn Frances, 126 Rockland Street, Somerset, 
Massachusetts 02726; Student Advisor, Dorm Secretary- 
Treasurer, Academy, Biology Liaison Committee, ACS Stu- 
dent Affiliate; 123 

Robbins, Paula J., 315 Broad Street, Weymouth, Massachu- 
setts; 78 

Roberts, Amy S., 220 Maple Street, Framingham, Massachu- 
setts; 99 

Robinson, Linda C, 48 Marshal Street, Brookline, Mas- 
sachusetts 02146; 94 

Robinson, Valerie, 1220 12th Street, NW, #1012, Washing- 
ton, D.C 20005; 113 

Rodman, Sheila Eileen, 55 Upham Street, Maiden, Mas- 
sachusetts 02148; Glee Club, Publicity Chairwoman-Student 
Affiliates of the American Chemical Society, Chemistry 
Liaison Committee; 121 

Rogers, Donna Amanda, 36 Southvale Avenue, Little Silver, 
New Jersey 07739; Academy; 92 

Rogovin, Janice, 762 Ocean Avenue, New London, Con- 
necticut 06320 

Rome, Ellen G., 53 Craigmoor Road, West Hartford, Con- 
necticut 06107; 95 

Ross, Fern L, 220 Robby Lane, New Hyde Park, New York; 


Royal, Judith A., St. Joseph's Hall, 306 Brookline Avenue, 
Boston, Massachusetts 02115 

Ruben, Harolyn R., 1410 North Caillard Street, Alexandria, 
Virginia 22302; 118 

Ruprecht, Linda Joyce, 3183 Mt. Miguel Drive, San Diego, 
California 92139; Planning Committee-Hastings House Cre- 
ative Arts Center, Simmons Study Service Program; 81 

Sakey, Deborah Rose, 331 Lake Street, Arlington, Mas- 
sachusetts 02174; Member-American Chemical Society, Sec- 
retary-Evans Hall, Student Advisor, Commuter Club Organi- 
zation, Representative-Simmons School of Nursing to Col- 
legiate Convention of Student Nurses 

Saltzman, Marjorie, 55 Oak Hill Avenue, Pawtucket, Rhode 
Island 02860; 80 

Sap, June Marie, 96 Hancock Street, Lawrence, Massachu- 
setts; 98 

Saslow, Susan E., 278 Ridge Street, New Milford, New Jer- 
sey 07646; 94 

Schiffman, Mindy Rae, 2 Alden Avenue, Syosset, New York; 
Math Liaison Committee, Projectionist-SCOPE, Big Sister, 
Community Advisor-Smith Hall, Vice Community Advisor- 
Smith Hall; 111 

Schrieberg, Linda, 152 Merritt Drive, Butler, Pennsylvania 
16001; Hillel; 66 

Schwartz, Charlene Parker, 565 Bellevue Avenue, Trenton, 
New Jersey 08618; 100 

Schwartz, Julie M., 11 Clamford Road, Great Neck, New 
York 11023 

Scott, Deborah Joan, 68 Elmwood Drive, Clifton, New Jer- 
sey 07013; Reporter-Janus, Student Guide; 90 

Sedgwick, Amy L, 19 Deering Avenue, Portland, Maine 

Semedo, Barbara, 64 Gregory Circle, Stratford, Connecticut 
06497; 107 

Seru, Rita Cecilia, 85 Strathmere Road, Brookline, Mas- 

Shea, Madilyn Rose, 167 Jefferson Avenue, Everett, Mas- 
sachusetts; Co-Chairwoman-Student Affiliate of the Ameri- 
can Chemical Society, Commuter Organization, Chemistry 
Liaison Committee; 72 

Sherry, Phyllis A., 98 Shore Drive, Winthrop, Massachusetts 

Shiggs, Gloria D., Route 1 Box 20, Townsend, Georgia 
31331; 106 

Shindell, Nancy M., 4715 Fairfax Drive, Savannah, Georgia 

Shore, Amy Leslie, 28 Margaret Road, Sharon, Massachu- 
setts; Orientation 1972; 122 

Shurman, Lisbeth Ellen, 30 High Street, Dexter, Maine; 
Modern Dance Club, Sailing Club, Student Coordinating 
Council; 92 

Shushan, Gloria Jean, 50 Payson Terrace, Belmont, Mas- 
sachusetts; Glee Club, Freshman Advisor, Treasurer-Com- 
muter Organization, Management Liaison Committee; 118 

Silvers, Susan Toby, 20 Granite Drive, Norwalk, Con- 
necticut; Simmons News, Janus, Treasurer-Hillel, Israel Af- 
fairs Club, National Model United Nations, International 
Affairs Club, Economics Club; 122 

Simpson, Ellen, 69 Witch Path, West Springfield, Massachu- 
setts 01089 

Singer, Vivien Harriet, 82 Ash Street, Brockton, Massachu- 
setts 02401; 71 

Siperstein, Linda Jean, 75 Friendly Road, Cranston, Rhode 
Island 02910; Chairwoman for Performing Arts-SCOPE, De- 
signer-Microcosm; 96 

Slackman, Janie Marie, 14 Second Street, South Orange, 
New Jersey 07079; Sister of Culture-Black Student Organi- 
zation, Chairwoman-Black Freshman Orientation, Black 
Student Advisor, House Counselor, Student Advisor, Tutor, 
African Dance; 77 

Slieson, Patricia C, 370 Beacon Street, Lowell, Massachu- 

Sloan, Karen L., 6 Cranberry Lane, Plainview, New York 
11803; 102 

Sobolewski, Carolyn T., 15 Silver Street, New Britain, Con- 

Sola, Ellen Elizabeth, 48 Glen Road, Westwood, Massachu- 
setts 02090; Student Advisor, Chairwoman-Commuter Exec- 
utive Board, Secretary-Commuter Organization; 117 

Spear, Ruth Estrica, 106 Evans Road, Brookline, Massachu- 
setts; 84 

Spiegel, Kathy, 129 Hone Fair Drive, Fairfield, Connecticut 
06430; 85 

Sprengelmeyer, Emily Susan, 3361 West Shore Road, War- 
wick, Rhode Island 02886; Psychology Club, Simmons Dra- 
ma Society 

Stang, Deborah J., 74 Stonehedge Drive, Greenwich, Con- 
necticut 06830 

Stanley, Elaine, F., 51 Cohasset Street, Roslindale, Mas- 
sachusetts; 101 

Steeb, Sharon Ann, 498 Prospect Street, Methuen, Mas- 
sachusetts 01844; 82 

Stimpson, Karen M., 4 Fairview Street, Portland, Maine; 105 

Stone, Susan Freda, 506 Clinton Boulevard, Chestnut Hill, 
Massachusetts 02167; Big Sister, Hillel, Smith Hall Dorm 
Council, Tutor-Simmons Study Center; 86 

Strait, Theresa Anna, 78 Prospect Avenue, Northampton, 
Massachusetts; President-Treasurer-Newman Club, Fresh- 
men Orientation, Co-Chairwoman-Little Sister Committee; 

Sullivan, Patricia Anne, 81 Willow Road, Nahant, Massachu- 
setts 01908; 97 


Sylvester, Lynn, 766 Delaware Avenue SW, Washington, 
D.C.; Chairwoman-Black Students Organization, President's 
Advisory Committee, Photography Editor-janus 

Tammerk, Hedy Ann, 138 Oakland Avenue, Tuckahoe, New 
York 10707; Psychology Liaison Committee, Recreation As- 
sociation, Student Advisor; 90 

Tan, Cecilia Sui-Cheng, 14C St. Martin's Drive, Singapore 
10, Cultural Chairwoman-Chinese Student Club, Faculty 
Editor-Microcosm; 109 

Teshony, Karen A., 25 Cottage Place, Trumbull, Con- 
necticut 06611; 91 

Thompson, Alice, 92 Highcrest Road, Roslindale, Massachu- 
setts; 114 

Toulopoulos, Pamela Joanne, 26 Country Club Drive, Ar- 
lington, Massachusetts 02174; Community Advisor, Fire 
Captain-Evans Hall, )anus, Father-Daughter Weekend Com- 
mittee; 109 

Triggs, Kathleen Ann, 546 Lancaster Avenue, York, Pennsyl- 
vania 17403; 68 

Tsairis, Stacey, 49 Sharpe Road, Belmont, Massachusetts 
02178; Publicity Manager-Glee Club; 117 

Vannett, Arleen Joyce, 1 Forenza Road, Peabody, Mas- 
sachusetts 01960; Commuter Organization, Student Advis- 
or, H-P-F Committee, Coordinator and Treasurer-Simmons 
Studies Service Program, House Committee-Mesick Hall, 
Resident Head Selection Committee; 100 

Vaughan, Joan, 44 Thissell Street, Pride's Crossing, Mas- 
sachusetts 01965; Librarian, President-Glee Club; 73 

Waber, Faye Goldman, 2772 Lancashire Road, Cleveland 
Heights, Ohio; Recording Secretary-Hillel, Member-Stu- 
dent Affiliates American Chemical Society; 102 

Weaver, Margaret M., 49 Hecla Street #2, Dorchester, 
Massachusetts 02122 

Wegiel, Donna Cynthia, 20 Lynnwood Drive, Longmeadow, 
Massachusetts 01106; Womanagement, Secretary-Soph- 
omore Class, Retailing Club, Ski Club, Retailing Fashion 
Show, Spanish Club; 118 

Wellen, Michelle A., 61 Chase Road, Marlboro, Massachu- 
setts; 98 

Wenneker, Louise M., 6 Ladue Forest, St. Louis, Missouri 
63124; 117 

White, Maureen C, 242 Stonebridge Road, Wayland, Mas- 
sachusetts 01778 

Williams, Betty J., 64 Hartford Street, Dorchester, Mas- 
sachusetts 02125; 122 

Williams, Gerri, 2609 16th Avenue South 22, Minneapolis, 
Minnesota 55404 

Wilner, Janet Leslie, 216 Nottingham Road, Auburn, Maine 
04210; Psychology Liaison Committee, London Semester 
Program; 66 

Wilson, Anne L., 13 Fairfield Drive, Hampton, New Hamp- 
shire 03842 

Wilson, Joy E., 1211 Manoa Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylva- 
nia 19151; Janus, Photography Staff-Microcosm; 88 

Witman, Shelley Jane, 15-18 Abbott Road, Fairlawn, New 
Jersey; 103 

Wood, Leslie J., 160 Dubois Avenue, Seacliff, New York 

Wright, Danielle I, 511 West Street, Monongahela, Pennsyl- 
vania 15063; 106 

Wade, Juanita Enid, 103 Walnut Avenue, Roxbury, Mas- 
sachusetts 02119; 101 

Wagner, Linda Ann Hatzis, 1179 Boylston Street, #48, Bos- 
ton, Massachusetts; Co-Editor-Microcosm; 126 

Wyman, Carla Marguerite, Westerleigh Road, Purchase, New 
York; Freshman Orientation, SCOPE, Social Activities Com- 
mittee, Social Chairwoman-Simmons Hall, Co-Chair- 
woman-History Liaison Committee, Academy; 104 


Yao, Betty, A1-17 Monterosa Stubb South Road, Hong 
Kong; 74 

Zimmerman, Barbara S., 34 Shehand Road, Marblehead, 
Massachusetts 01945 

Zybura, Marilyn F., 693 Washington Avenue, Revere, Mas- 
sachusetts 02151; 101 


ii i in " 


* ■ Mi 

BLiimii II 





MICROCOSM 1973 is printed on 80 lb. VelvaBrite 
paper by Wm ] Keller. Endleaves are 65 lb. 
Century. Optima type face is used throughout. 
Headings are set in 36 pt. and 24 pt.; staff page in 
12 pt.; and captions and directory in 8 pt. 




BUFFALO, NEW YORK, 14240 716-834-6400